Blaymore I & Blaymore II

The Blaymore Buildings are under 24-hour surveillance using both indoor and outdoor video equipment, which monitors the Building’s entrances, elevators and parking lots.

The Franklin Park Borough Police Department will respond to emergency calls at the Building.

The Building has an infrared card swipe reader system monitored by Guarding Protection Services at both entrances for after-hour Tenant access.  For after-hour access by visitors/guests, the Building has an automatic dialer with an electronic directly located at the main Building entrance.  The dialer automatically dials the pre-programmed number with the directory code is entered. 

The Blaymore's each offer ADA compliant hydraulic elevators in addition to elegant staircases to each floor of the building and indoor ponds adorning the front entrances. 

Located at the buildings are drop boxes for US Postoffice, FedEx and UPS.

The Blaymore's offer on-site property managers with their offices located in Blaymore II on the 1st floor. Wann Properties, Inc. is responsible for the daily management of the Building and all general Building activities.